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2016 is a major year for indie artists.  Austin and his company will be launching the first ever National Indie artist tour COLORSPECTRUM.  COLORSPECTRUM the tour will serve as Austin’s way of giving back to the independent scene. COLORSPECTRUM will feature several different genres of music hence the name COLORSPECTRUM. You will get a taste of many different colors of music presented to you in a major way. Get ready. COLOR IS COMING!

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Lost in Love

Austin Will soon launch the music video to his first new single, “Lost in Love.”  You can hear a sample of it on the media page now. The song will soon be available on iTunes, spotify, and other online outlets for purchase.


COLORSPECTRUM (the making of) Video

Austin and his team has decided to document behind the scenes footage of his journey and struggle to help his fellow independent artists. This behind the scenes footage will highlight the ups and the downs as the COLORSPECTRUM tour comes to life . The full video will be coming out soon for the world to see, so stay tuned!

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Crazy. Driven. Passion. Austin’s love for music comes from the songs he sings and the stories he shares.A musician but also a person, Austin’s musical craft and prowess is defined as much with style as it is with heart.

More than just your average artist, Austin’s passion is writing and singing songs that create connection and carry memories. Whether it’s making a beat, strumming a chord, or striking a key, every note played is chance to bridge the gap between singer and listener. To start a relationship, share a point of view, and create something new.

Each of us have a story, one that we continue to write everyday. Austin Adams is the kind of artist that creates music not only to discover and experience that story but also to share it..

A suburbanite from Atlanta originally, who now calls Nashville home, Austin has spent many years in the music scene. From the time he picked up his first guitar at age 13, until the day he performed his first major show at 23, Austin knew playing and sharing music  with people was the greatest love affair of his life.

Deciding to dive into the industry full-time after college seemed like an easy decision for Austin, although like any artist sometimes it is a cold reality trying to survive performing it. In 2009, Austin started out playing many of the same venues and bars he had visited as a child with his father, a talent agent. These were formative years for Austin, ones that would shape his artistic abilities and craft his talent.

In 2011, Austin completed his work on his first EP, “The Other Side,” as well a Special Christmas EP titled “This Season” in which one song was featured for SUBWAY’s Artist of the Month Customer Appreciation Campaign for their 2011 Holiday Season. After this, he didn’t stop writing or working. He knew he had discovered the ingredients to his sound, but had not yet determined the right recipe to complete and ultimately define his artistic identity.

In 2012, Austin started to produce and engineer his own recordings. Investing in a small studio rig, Austin began composing his own songs and beats. No longer inhibited by big studio budgets or producers to create his sound, he was free to create as he pleased.

Now after three years touring non stop, preforming countless shows for college campuses, clubs, bars, and everywhere in between, Austin has now completed his first Full Length Record Titled, “COLORSPECTRUM.” The album, produced along side long time friends Scott Shirock (KiND) and Jason Hall (Lauren Alanna, David Nail), will serve as his first major introduction to the world.

Unlike his previous projects, COLORSPECTRUM has the markings of his own hands both in the engineering and producing fronts. No longer just a wide eyed young person, but a seasoned professional with a story long overdue.

This is the beginning. A formal invitation. Welcome to the life, music, and story of Austin Adams.